When my brother Abel Stuart heard this, he immediately nodded to the orphan and said, "Scar, are you trying to get into trouble?"


"No, no, maybe it’s my mistake." It’s also very angry for the orphan to hear that Feng has finished talking, but it’s hard for Nai’s family to retreat.
Before going out of the pub, Feng glanced at the orphan. Unexpectedly, this guy even had a nickname. It was a long time, but he didn’t know whether it was a word disagreement or how Feng just didn’t want to chat with him at all, so he strode away from the unfinished business.
The second white chapter 24 The mountains
Seeing Feng striding away from the fire, Bitter Worm looked at the orphan and asked, "Is Brother Pi chasing?"
"Chase a fart! Hum, I really think of myself as a corner. Since he has joined Phil Jackson, he must be going to dig mines. Then I will make this guy kneel down and beg me to spare him, "said the orphan boy with a surly face."
After hearing this, Bitter Worm nodded fiercely, "Yeah, what’s the drag on his face? It’s true that we’ve been here for so long for nothing."
"Then you should arrange for a few people to ambush at the door first, and let me know when Yan returns and comes out with Philson," said the orphan.
"white!" Bitter bug should be a walked out of the pub.
After seeing Bitter Worm go far away, the orphan sighed, and to be honest, he really didn’t want to be too stiff with Yan’s return. After all, he was very powerful as soon as he came, but so many younger brothers looked at his hot face and stuck his cold ass. If he continued to please others, then he wouldn’t be the boss.
"If you turn your face, you will turn your face. I am really afraid that he will not succeed!" When the orphan said that, he sat down at the bar and asked for double Bols, but just after drinking a glass, a guard found him.
At this time, Feng has returned to raglan’s cabin and told him that he has got help from Philson.
Raglan was surprised when he heard this and said, "You actually persuaded that stubborn dwarf? It’s really Mr. Everitt. The student is really a magical guy. "
"He said that he wanted me to be his assistant. The first thing he wanted me to do was to prepare some tools first, but I didn’t know this town very well, so I came to Mr. Wang for your help. Besides, I need a bigger backpack. I wonder if you have it here, Mr. Wang?" Feng asked.
"Of course, no problem. Let me know if you need any tools. I’ll send someone to buy them for you right away." raglan immediately made a decision
"You’re welcome. I’ll just buy it myself," said Feng.
"You’re welcome. You’re helping me. I should help you prepare." raglan immediately shook his head.
"That since Mr Say so, I’m welcome." Maple said and handed the list to raglan.
Raglan took it and gave it directly to a guard behind him and said, "Go and buy some big backpacks from Dandy."
Yes, the guard answered the list and ran out.
After seeing the guards go out, Feng said, "Thank you for your generosity. Besides, I need your help. When I entered the town, I had some disputes with some people in the town. I am afraid that when I enter the mountain, they will use some small means …"
"Don’t worry, I just ordered people to do this problem. I promise that the restless guys in this town will not come to make trouble for you." raglan laughed.
"Sir, it was well managed, Pepe." Maple exclaimed.
"Ha ha, that’s all I have. I wonder what Mr. Everitt has been up to recently?" Raglan asked.
Then the two entered the question-and-answer exchange, and it wasn’t long before the guard who was in charge of purchasing came back with two leather bags, one orange and one black, and shouted, "The captain is all set."
"Well, give it to the guests," raglan nodded.
Feng said thank you after taking two backpacks, and then looked at the backpack properties.
Fierce sun backpack (device)
Brilliant in quality
Have 16 squares
Remarks: If you like to be cool, I recommend the same dark moon backpack.
After reading the remarks, Feng took a look at the other black backpack, which is really called Dark Moon backpack … It is also 16 squares.
If you want to buy these two backpacks now, it is estimated that you will need a lot of gold coins. This is also generous enough for raglan to send them directly, with a backpack full of tools.
"Is this enough?" See maple after watching backpack raglan asked.
"That’s enough, then I’ll go to Philson immediately and try to solve this problem that bothers you," Feng said.
"Well, I look forward to your triumph," raglan nodded.
After changing two new backpacks, Feng went back to the bar box and found Philson. He showed all the tools and said, "All the masters are ready."
"Well, the efficiency is very good. It seems that I can expect you to be a qualified assistant. Then let’s go," Philson said.
Kenruiwa Crater is just behind Shanjin Town, and Feng soon followed Philson to the front of the cave. But along the way, he found that there were many "small tails" following them. It must be the orphan gang. After all, there are players who don’t sell raglan noodles.
So before entering the cave, Feng Xiao said to Felson, "Master, we are being followed."
After hearing this, Philson shook his head and said, "I’m going into the mountain anyway, that’s my call." Then he went into the cave.
This is professional confidence in yourself! See philson so confident maple nature also won’t say anything and followed philson into the cave.
It’s dark in the cave, but the dwarf is born with excellent night vision ability, and Feng is rooted in having 12 optical glasses. They don’t need torches to explore in the cave.
After advancing about 100 meters, Wilson suddenly stopped and then turned to Feng and said, "Climb to the surface."

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