Love crime looked at the crowd and laughed. "Now all the forces in our department get together like you to discuss the science and technology base and the sunny group are two cards in my hand. I hope everyone will not let me down in this battle."


The mad dog slapped his chest. "Brother Ai, don’t worry, I’m absolutely fine."
Love sin patted him on the shoulder with a smile. "The science and technology base is the card and you are the trump card in the card. You and I have other plans."
As he spoke, he turned to Jiang Hua. "Are you interested in coming to my side to be my assistant in this war?"
On a bit stupid "what assistant?"
Love sin said, "I will personally sit in the headquarters of Wang Chaogang Command Bureau, and Han Laoda will be responsible for dispatching logistics forces."
It’s a crime of love for Jiang Hua Ma Bai to come here and let him play the role of think tank and deputy commander-in-chief
When Shuiyuncheng committed the crime of love, he noticed that on this aspect, in his view, strategizing and winning thousands of miles away is far more powerful than creating fierce scientific and technological production.
"I don’t know if I can win? I have no experience in this field! " On thoughtfully replied
Love sin laughed. "How can you grow up without trying?"
On hurriedly thank "that’s thanks to the boss respect I’m ready to go with you" to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one Golden Eagle Allies
When the base was in the most jubilant mood, another group of people appeared at the gate.
The leader is full of popularity. Since she became a Condor Guardian, Han Xinyi now wears this suit anytime and anywhere, looking radiant and spirited.
She was followed by two beautiful women with different amorous feelings, but it was not a beautiful woman who interested Mad Dog Dragon, but a stealthy and winking guy next to Han Xinyi.
"Ha ha Sao Ge, Xiaoyi, why are you here?" It’s nice to see an old friend and classmate mad dog dragon.
Hehe, I didn’t wear that junk this time, but I looked like a basketball player and wore an earphone, which was very leisurely.
Han Xinyi came. "Brother Sao came to the new district to see you. Who knew you would share this!"
As she spoke, she nodded at the crime of love, which was a greeting.
Love crime, of course, can’t care about others with her, but the Golden Eagle Club darling has this qualification, but he can be ignored. It is a great favor for others to come to the base.
The mad dog dragon drooped his eyelids. "Tiankang is looking for trouble again. Don’t you help?"
Han Xinyi stared his one eye "I this is not here? Sao elder brother also said to help you. "
Sao Hehe looked around. "Hey, cucumber, your working environment is really good. High-end atmosphere, low-key luxury, rich and unrestrained foreign flavor, deep and simple international fashion. Hey, you don’t know that my working environment is a slope, but that slope is a relic of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom era. Hongxiusi Hall Hongxiu Zidao?"
"You stop!" Mad dog dragon quickly waved his hand and let this guy talk. He can tell you all night about history.
Han Xinyi turned around and said, "Love will be my president. Please introduce me. This is my second senior sister Lin Yin!"
Love crime is very polite. Reach out and say, "Welcome to the Oriental Dynasty!"
Lin Yin is very tall, wearing a big blue cloak and a pair of straight blue flying swallows. Judging from her costume, she should be a unified swordsman. Yan Yuhua City can’t help but stare at Lin Yin and have a feeling that this Lin Yin is definitely a first-class master.
Sure enough, Han Xinyi solemnly introduced, "Sister Lin has reached level 3. This time, she came from the Justice League and was willing to be dispatched by President Ai to help the Eastern Dynasty in this guild war."
Almost everyone was stunned by this … Ten-three swordsmen, but the Golden Eagle will … Don’t be so unlucky, ok?
However, the reaction to love crime is very normal, and it is very active. "Thank you, Golden Eagle, for your help! If you need anything, please let Miss Lin know! "
Lin Yin said with a smile, "This is not what our Golden Eagle Club means, but what Xiaoyi personally means. I’m here. Just let the guests take care of it. Please feel free to let me know if President Ai has my place."
Han Xinyi nodded and said to the mad dog dragon, "Cucumber, I’d like to introduce you-this is my senior sister’s evening!"
This evening Yan Xian is a mage and dressed very retro. Compared with her petite figure, this evening Yan has a gentle and watery temperament.
She smiled. "Brother Cucumber, thank you for coming to our Golden Eagle Club often when you help Xiaoyi in Magic Victory and Loulan."
Mad dog dragon is modest. "You’re welcome, everyone is a friend!" "
Han Xinyi didn’t say that Xi Yan needed help. Some words can be stopped.