"I will show you that everything I say now is not a whim, nor a joke, nor a play."


Lu Ji-nian let go of his cold chestnut hand after he finished.
He knew that the cold chestnut should be digested when needed, and he could not push her too hard, otherwise it might backfire.
Lengli looked at the light enveloping Lu Ji-nian. How could she believe that such a man who is easy to fall in love should be so serious about her?
But many times, such things as feelings are hard to say. Maybe Lengli can never imagine how charming she was when she appeared in Lu Jinian’s eyes on the TV station that day, wearing a white coat and being cold and lonely.
Beauty doesn’t know it.

Qingchen was late for class today, which is a rare thing for a person like Qingchen who never clicks on time.
Fortunately, today, there is no leader to patrol the office. Qingchen has temporarily escaped the bullet and explained to the leader.
Because Yao Hui is gone again, many programs that were originally intended to be given to Yao Hui are now distributed to various hosts, which is of course a good thing for many hosts. After all, the more programs you hold in your hand, the more money you have earned for being able to appear in the camera.
Qingchen is the so-called resource that Yao Hui points out at hand. One is that she is not very interested in those programs, and the other is that she also disdains to ask Yao Hui for what she once had.
Even a picture show hosted by Yao Hui, Qingchen, which has never really been broadcast, is no longer wanted. What’s worse, it belongs to Yao Hui?
Suo Qingchen watched other hosts carve up all the programs Yao Hui had, and no one wanted to leave one for her.
What’s left?
Now Yao Hui is in a situation where everyone is shouting and beating her. The news fever of being a mistress has been rising for several days, and she has not come from various lists. Now, netizens will know that Yao Hui is a mistress.
To tell the truth, both the TV station and Yao Hui want to stay as far away from Yao Hui as possible at this time, and no one wants to get involved with her at this time.
This kind of scene was expected by Qingchen at the beginning, which is why Yao Hui repeatedly and she didn’t strike back at her.
Because of this, Yao Hui’s career really ended after the news broke out.
No matter how much background Yao Hui has now, she will make great efforts to save the day, especially in many cases, this society is not so high on women, and what Yao Hui does really touches the moral bottom line of most people, and everyone is unwilling to forgive her again.
After the accident, Yao Hui seems to have evaporated. Except for the first day, she appeared in the supermarket and was found by customers. After the news, Yao Hui never appeared in front of the public again. No one knows where she went.
Although Qingchen doesn’t know, I guess a Yao Hui should still rely on her backer to hide in an apartment or villa somewhere.
Section 261
Maybe Yao Hui will feel that she has a chance to rise again, relying on her "lover?"
Now Yao Hui still has good looks and can please the tycoon, but when the other party gets tired of her, what else does she have?
Those who wait on the monarch are sad and sad.
Qingchen now feels that Yao Hui is pitiful and hateful.
It’s just wishful thinking that she can enter the giants herself.
It’s the original lady, and she can’t make Yao Hui wishful thinking.
"Sister Qingchen, have you heard from Sister Yao Hui recently?" A reporter secretly asked Qing Chen.
"What’s the matter? What do you want with her? "
"No … I’m just curious. I have a friend who does entertainment news. I really want to interview her recently. As you know, now she is the biggest news. Whoever interviews her will have the biggest explosion."
Green morning nodded "is this reason"
"So I just had the cheek to ask you-of course, you didn’t know it, but my friend asked me to help, so I did it."
Qingchen smiled and shook her head. "I really don’t know where she is. You should know that I won’t have anything to do with her."
"Is that bother you …"
Qingchen doesn’t care where Yao Hui went. Whether she is alive or dead now is not too big for Qingchen.
During working hours, a figure suddenly flashed in Qingchen’s mind, and she inevitably thought of the early quick glance at Chenchi Gate. Even if it was an unclear picture, Qingchen recognized who it was instantly.
He really came back so early …
It was only a joke when Qingchen returned the message that day.
Qing Chengen didn’t expect that a rear-end collision could happen to meet his classmates in high school.
In particular, the other party has already emigrated for many years and will return to China in the near future, which Qing Chen did not expect.
To tell the truth, Qingchen thought it would be impossible to see him again.
I didn’t expect to have another chance, and before the formal meeting of the class reunion after that call
However, although I was shocked at that time, Qingchen actually calmed down now. At that time, I would have uncontrollable emotions. Perhaps it was true that I had not seen him for many years, and I never expected to see him in that situation.
Even with the figure in Qing Chen’s memory, it can still overlap.
It seems that after so many years, when everyone has changed greatly, he is still the same as that, and he seems to stay at that age forever.
Xia Lang not only sounds the same, but also has not changed much from that year. Even its appearance has not changed much from that year.