But Zhai Hao knows in his heart that chasing after him LIKE is definitely not the kind of guy who scares children and can’t kill people


Not far from the competition area, Zhai Hao knew that this stubbornness was going to be stubborn when LIKE took off the game and showed a strong muscle directly.
It’s like an angry bull running away in front of him. VIP is more like a red Chinese-style chest covering that constantly provokes himself.
Although the bull knows that the red Chinese-style chest covering is not the point, it has been angered and the bull will definitely not leave it at that.
These flying axes Zhai Hao must hide!
How to hide?
"Is flying? Still hiding? Is it that teammates are invisible? " Small fish looked at VIP faint guess Zhaihao idea before, when the small fish could not help asking himself.
Then immediately, many people also thought of what Zhaihao was going to do. DOAER put up a swinging middle finger directly in his heart.
"Stealth? Steal your sister! Is invisibility hairy to the BM’s flying axe? Still hairy? Still hairy! ?” Many people have tried their best to explain it. Of course, they don’t want to explain it for a long time. Xiaoyu is very pleased that he can see what Zhai Hao is going to do instead of being directly disconnected like a fruit set explanation.
Of course, this does not include a young man who was watching the live broadcast in his own private wine cellar. He smashed the goblet glass in his hand, and the carpet was carefully woven. It seems that the owner here is very dissatisfied with the PLU explanation in front of him.
Yes, this man just tuned his camera to the live picture of the European Invitational Tournament, but it was broadcast by PLU, but this man didn’t care that he could get rid of his girlfriend halfway through the hot spring holiday. The man is an informal man anyway.
But what happened just now when I heard that disgusting sound on the TV and guessed it again.
And the old servant beside the man is quietly cleaning the carpet crumbs.
Didn’t ask anything, didn’t say anything
However, he knew that the PLU explanation would not be before him the next day.
Everything goes without saying!
Of course, for Xiaoyu, he guessed correctly. No one could give him an answer at that time! But this pig-killing knife can answer this question!
Zhai Hao has to hide, and he has to hide to have a chance not to let VIP be killed.
How to hide?
Against the trend!
Zhao Long’s million-strong army went in seven times and out seven times!
Now, letting VIP turn the spear head, Zhai Hao, also instantly makes the competition field condense a style that is arrogant.
VIP’s sudden retreat didn’t surprise LIKE.
LIKE had expected Zhai Hao to do this when he fucked BM and released the flying axe.
You know, LIKE has accurately calculated the trajectory of BM flying axe. In this range, the residual blood is less than 50 points. If VIP follows the trajectory just now, it will fall into two pieces of blood brought out by two flying axes.
LIKE doesn’t believe that Zhai Hao can’t see this trend.
The tactile sense of god and hand is distributed in every detail of the battlefield.
Of course, I won’t miss such a change! Suo Zhaihao made the VIP back, turned around and turned the gun. A stinger came out directly when it was less than 300 yards away from the BM!
BM’s figure is sluggish.
But LIKE is confident enough to take away the VIP in front of him in the face of A.
Is this really the case?
VIP twisted his waist in front of the big axe raised by the BM, but narrowly escaped the rotation and returned to two flying axes. Then he walked straight through the road like a rabbit, still pestering the soldiers on both sides and disappeared directly into the sight of the falcon who stopped moving because of BM …
However, when LIKE moved the Falcon again, it was directly blown up by the Flying Prophet. The Falcon disappeared due to the movement …
In addition to the tens of thousands of spectators in the Cologne Gymnasium, where the hero is still playing in the game, and hundreds of millions of spectators in front of the live broadcast, they were instantly stunned.
Then, screaming like crazy, screaming into the sky, making the accumulated snow in Cologne Gymnasium scattered for days.
"Coax …" In an excited cry, the audience present can’t hear the voices around them clearly, and they can shout out with the people around them and can’t distinguish each note.
But the camera faithfully recorded every scene, and the audience shouted almost crazily.
One of them showed no ten-year-old blonde girl riding on a crOUching man’s body and was excited with an English sentence "ou! ~FUCKMYLIFE,OHSHIHISGANME……”
I almost didn’t let Lao Pei fall directly to the bottom of the chair when I looked at the desktop in my bedroom.
How tough this is …
Lao Pei couldn’t help but compare with what he had done in those days.
Bigger than your own breasts. This is due to race …
More bold than I was. This is a cultural reason …
But think about this woman who said such a thing among tens of thousands of people. It was sent by a girl under ten years old, which is simply more YD performance than J-class students who have been attacked by poisonous thoughts for many years now.
Lao Pei almost couldn’t HOLD it.
Can DOA really make fans so crazy? You know, when Lin Feng was away from this den and old Pei Shuo was going out to travel, Lao Pei didn’t care that this was a game in his own eyes
At that time, Lao Pei was really shocked when he saw such crazy fans on the screen.
"NND this day is really passionate! I don’t know if the animals come in the G League will be able to enjoy the scenery like this … "Laopei grilled his face and stewed cabbage and rice with pork.