While caressing M not Lei Meiqin’s hair; On Sunday, I couldn’t help crying. "Is there any mistake in the draft? How can I have that idea?" How come… How come… Don’t think I’m getting old before I get old. Don’t. I haven’t opened a harem, tamed my royal sister, raised a girl and cleaned up rabbits. How can I have such an idea now? No; I’m still young. I should be very excited to be kissed, very excited, very excited … very; I can’t get excited at all. It’s over. " In my mind, Sunday’s soul posed as an orz, indicating that Sunday was hit hard by his unexpected psychology this time.


Lei Meiqin didn’t know that she had hit the master Sunday hard, but she was excited about Sunday’s taking her out there and kissed Sunday after a bite. She immediately showed off in front of her other disciples, and it really made other people in the martial arts school a little jealous.
Lei Meiqin does have a reason to be jealous, and she has always been the most favored. At present, the martial arts school is in trouble, but she is also useless, but in the end she has become the person who gains the most. Not only became the second disciple of Sunday; At present, I can be close to Sunday, and even take her out on Sunday. This kind of treatment is Li Yuanba, and others are powerless to stop Sunday’s arrangement, but it is absolutely impossible to say that they have no opinions on Sunday’s obvious preference.
Fortunately, Lei Meiqin is a simple person and the only woman in the martial arts school, so no one will really be jealous of her, and at most, she will envy her to be loved on Sunday.
"Go and pull" saw Lei Meiqin’s move on Sunday; Although I know that no one in my martial arts school will really do anything to her, I am also worried that I will spoil her and secretly set up enemies for her. Now it is too late to change anything. At the same time, Sunday didn’t want to change anything, anyway, in Sunday’s view; Lei Meiqin won’t have anything if she has her own existence. However, in order to avoid the separation between Lei Meiqin and others in the martial arts school; Sunday still thinks it would be better to pull Lei Meiqin away now.
That’s it; Under the call of Sunday; Sunday led Zeng A Niu and Lei Meiqin out of the martial arts school; By Sunday to lead the way in one direction straight line in the past.
"master; Where are we going? "I’m curious; Lei Meiqin didn’t know what the purpose of coming out this time on Sunday was. Seeing Sunday taking her in one direction was so straight forward. From the excitement of going out at the beginning, Lei Meiqin immediately asked this question.
"What is the purpose of our coming out; Where are we going now? "
"Master, do you know the way?"
"I don’t know."
"That …"
"Someone will tell me how to get there; Don’t worry, it won’t happen. If it does happen, Master will fly back with you. "
"Don’t need miles" back to Sunday after this sentence; Lei Meiqin didn’t speak again. She looked around curiously, but secretly m not m not cast her eyes on Zeng A Niu. It seems that Lei Meiqin was curious about Zeng A Niu, a cow demon.
Small moves for Lei Meiqin; On Sunday, they are naturally loud and clear. On Sunday, he didn’t say much, but secretly paid attention to the changes in the surrounding days, and his nerves were highly tense, as if he knew that the enemy was around them now; They may be attacked at any time.
"Choo" seems to have an appointment with Sunday; In the case of Sunday’s self-defense, those enemies on Sunday really came to you at that time. With a sound; Spells fell from the sky; Targeting Sunday and his party, they directly bombed the past.
"Good" because it seems that I have already known why I will encounter this attack, so when faced with those spell attacks; Sunday didn’t show any panic; After a direct roar; Then see Sunday’s right hand suddenly become very huge, a wave of his hand; Then will those she to their spells to shoot away directly.
Failed to sneak a sneak attack; Those in the dark are not disappointed, either driving clouds or flying swords; After a while, I saw dozens of monks who were not weak flying out from everywhere; Surround them on Sunday and look at them with malicious intent; The magic weapon in the hands is the constant burst of mana B not moving, obviously although there is nothing to say at the moment; But those monks are ready to make moves at any time, and they don’t agree; They may attack on Sunday.
"Sunday; As a foreign monk, you preached in Leifengling without authorization, and we were polite enough to you without bothering you. However, you secretly killed Lei Jianmen, a fellow traveler who went to your house to sit in the martial arts school, and then took revenge in front of Lei Jian. In the end, it didn’t kill anyone in your martial arts school, but it was you. As soon as I came back, it caused endless killing, killing nearly 100 innocent monks from all factions, Sunday; Do you know sin? "
"Sin you m head!"
"What did you say?"
"I’m sorry tǐng scold you, but you’re still happy. You only feel comfortable if I scold you more, right? I’ve never seen anyone as mean as you."
You …’ trembling fingers pointing to Sunday; The monk who just spoke was almost not so angry that he was directly turned back on Sunday.
At ordinary times, as long as they accuse their opponents in such righteous words; The other party does not admit mistakes at least, and generally chooses to respond with silence, even some big devils; At most, that is, people who refute their words and abuse them directly like Sunday; That’s definitely the first time I’ve met you.
Monks think they are higher than human beings, and for things like swearing, it can be said that no matter which monk, he can’t say it, because in the monk’s view; Swearing is very fall in price’s behavior, and only those little húnhún among mortals would do that, for monks who respect their identity; Naturally, it is impossible for them to learn to swear like those húnhún.
Now, for such a reason, the monks finally became a little confused about how to deal with such a heterogeneous situation last week. Scold Sunday; This is a bit difficult, not to mention that those monks are not very good at swearing, even if they are given a manuscript for you to read; I’m sure those monks can’t open that mouth either.
So it’s natural; Those monks were scolded by Sunday, so they immediately didn’t know how to answer the words, and then accused Sunday; Maybe I’ll get scolded on Sunday again. And if you don’t blame Sunday; This is inconsistent with their plans. At least, if they put themselves on the top of the moral high point without saying a word, these monks are really not used to going to war directly. (of course; Sneak attacks like before don’t count. )
"You don’t move me; There is still so much nonsense in a fight, which is boring. A Niu; Protect Meiqin "after Zeng A Niu, who is stupid, gave the order to protect Lei Meiqin; On Sunday, I was too lazy to take care of the reaction of the monks across the street. I robbed them directly before they started work, and I took the initiative to provoke this fight.
Wave a hand; As before when dealing with the sneak attack spells, Sunday’s right hand suddenly became ten times bigger, and he slapped the monks at that time.
Sunday’s reaction directly startled the monk. At present, Sunday is on the passive side, surrounded by so many people. Shouldn’t Sunday be afraid? How now Sunday is not only not afraid but actively launched an attack on them.
In my heart, I never thought that Sunday would make such a reaction, so when Sunday took the initiative to attack them; Immediately, they had a feeling that the plan was destroyed by Sunday. Although this did not prevent them from fighting, their hearts were more or less awkward because of Sunday’s abnormal performance.
"Bomb" Sunday’s attack was launched after the first noise. Under the condition that the monks were on guard, Sunday’s attack did not achieve much, so it was slapped down; The place where Sunday attacked collapsed directly into a huge handprint, but the monks who attacked Sunday had already left the place, and they were not injured by Sunday’s attack.
Of course; They were not hurt by Sunday, but they were scared by Sunday. On Sunday, the attack power is not small. If they didn’t escape faster, they would be caught in Sunday. No one can bear it at all. Such a powerful magical power naturally shows the strength of Sunday in front of those monks. Let them on Sunday this opponent, but dare not treat sth lightly.
"Just no opponent to practice lighter; You are so free, then accompany me to have fun. "After an evil laugh; On Sunday, no matter whether the monks are willing or not, they will not give the monks a chance to speak after their bodies become dozens of times larger. Then once again launched an attack on them.
When Sunday magnified himself dozens of times, those monks were only the size of mosquitoes in Sunday’s eyes, watching them dancing in front of their eyes; Attack yourself with various spells; However, there was no way to hurt his monk. On Sunday, he took a shot at one of the monks as soon as his hands closed.
Although Sunday’s height increased, it had a certain impact on his speed, but the impact was not too big. In addition, Sunday’s volume increased, which made it difficult for the other party to dodge. So when facing the attack of Sunday’s hands, the monk said that he wanted to escape but didn’t have the ability at all.
At that time, what the monk could do was to constantly lay various defensive enchantment spells by his side, but; Obviously, its action doesn’t have much effect. According to the strength difference between Sunday and him, his current behavior did not block the attack of next week, and his hands were in tune with Sunday; Those enchantments are like bubbles; It didn’t even stop Sunday a little. Eventually, in the eyes of other monks, the monk was directly slapped by Sunday and made into a cake.
Throw the monk’s body to the ground; Immediately on Sunday, he put his hostile eyes on other monks, so that those monks couldn’t help feeling cold all over at that time; As soon as the body is tight, there is an impulse to escape.
Able to fly with a royal device; Now these monks who come to deal with Sunday are not cheap. According to the strength level of Heifengling’s fix true boundary, these people are the core fighting power of all factions at the moment. Just the opponents they met before; No matter the monks of other sects or monster beasts, even if they were defeated, they didn’t feel so powerless as they are now, looking at Sunday’s huge body; For the first time, the monks had an invincible idea in their hearts.
Can’t break Sunday’s defense; And they can’t resist any attack on Sunday. In such a case, how can they cope with Sunday, plus the reason why the damage caused by Sunday is too bloody, and they are scared; Those monks have no fighting spirit for Sunday.
"and so on; I think there may be some misunderstanding between us. Why don’t we sit down and talk about it? There is nothing to say, there is no need to kill like this. "
"Yes, yes; If there is anything you can sit down and talk about directly, there is no need to fight at all. "
Once it was discovered that Sunday’s strength was far stronger than they thought, when there was no chance of winning against Sunday, the monks immediately changed their previous attitude and hurriedly shouted for a truce while staying away from Sunday. It looked like those words were not what they said before, just that performance; It’s as if they were on Sunday’s side from the beginning, but it’s that Lei Jianmen has a mortal enemy with them.
"You are really hypocritical. It’s a pity that Lao Tzu didn’t intend to let you go from the beginning. Don’t think that Lao Tzu is not clear. At that time, you also pushed your hand behind my back. I believe that a large part of the magic weapon of Dan medicine obtained from my martial arts school also fell into your sect for peace talks; You are dreaming, and none of you want to leave alive today. "When you think of your own things, you will be furious on Sunday, and the words are more and more blunt; The last j: and move, in the hands of action directly to speed up a few minutes; Directly, he killed several monks who were not weak.
See Sunday’s performance; The other monks are afraid. On Sunday, they seem to be unable to beat them at the moment, but the peace talks on Sunday didn’t mean that. If they stay any longer; Maybe in the end, they all have to be killed by Sunday.
The longer you live, the more you fear death; Although those monks are all unattainable in their own sects, they are no more noble than ordinary people after removing their training. Now, in the face of an opponent who can almost be called a’ monster’ last week, there is no confidence that he can beat Sunday; In the face of danger, most of the monks suddenly dispersed in a hubbub at that time; Without hesitation, they collectively began to flee.
Faced with such a situation; Sunday is also helpless, if you fight; Even those monks can’t beat Sunday with a hundred times and a thousand times more. Sunday’s defense is not what they can break, and there is no way to hurt Sunday. No matter how hard they try, they can’t really pose any threat to Sunday.
But on Sunday, although there is an avatar now, his fighting power has greatly increased, but in the face of the scattered situation of the monks, he is powerless to stop it. Watching the monks fly away in various flying tools, on Sunday, except for killing all the monks who were slow to respond, there was no way to take the monks who fled away at all.

Chapter one hundred and seventy-four The wind blows the balls cool
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four The wind blows the balls cool
Although not defeated; However, he failed to leave all his enemies behind. On Sunday, he was greatly humiliated in front of Lei Meiqin. He felt that the master failed to show his prestige in front of his disciples, and his heart was naturally a little uncomfortable, so that when Sunday returned to its original state; I couldn’t help but groan in a huff.
Subsequently; Wait until Sunday to look at Lei Meiqin; When I was ready to explain why I let the monks go, Sunday was an unexpected discovery; Since Lei Meiqin turned his back on him. And I don’t know if it’s Sunday’s illusion; On Sunday, I felt that Lei Meiqin’s ears were red. There was also steam rising from the head, which made Sunday feel very familiar.