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Chapter 11 Battle Nets IV
Chapter 11 Battle of the Nets Four-Clock Power
Pierce still hasn’t appeared. Courtney Lee is still there. It may be that in such an important game, the teammates trust the veteran more. Plus, the big country doesn’t take the initiative to ask for the ball. Besides, as coach Rivers said, the progress of the big country is too slow, and the strength is not good. It is normal to stay at home every day and know that the teammates are happy and happy without giving him the ball
Rondo was instructed by the coach to give the ball to Zhong Daguo at half-time. Zhong Daguo was dormant for two periods without doing anything. Plus, he was a player who had only played a few games. His opponent didn’t pay much attention to him. After receiving the ball, Ma Shang Brooks didn’t care about him. Zhong Daguo scored two points according to the usual slow pace.
Rondo smiled. He came over and patted Zhong Daguo on the shoulder. "Well done, your training was so bad. I am biased against you. Fight hard and keep doing it."
Zhong Daguo didn’t say anything, and his eyes were full of anger. Just one game, you have doubts about me. If I don’t score this ball, I guess I will sit on the bench for a generation.
Deron is too arrogant. It’s simply an insult. He actually sits and plays Rondo Bell. Although he is very angry with his teammates, the game has to be hard. He quickly came to double-team Deron Delon to react and quickly grabbed the rebounding clock with both hands. Now he just vented his anger. He also stretched out his hands to grab the ball in Deron’s hand. "I told you that my weak brother would grab the ball in the fat hand." He thought to himself.
In front of Xiao Pang, Zhong Daguo grabbed the ball crazily, and behind him, Rondo’s two clutches pushed and shoved Xiao Pang to the ground, and Zhong Daguo followed him to the ground, and they fought and grabbed it.
The referee rushed over to put out the fire and get the ball. Two people competed for the ball and sentenced two people to jump the ball. Zhong Daguo laughed in his heart. "An old woman is so tall. Didn’t you give me the ball on purpose? Mom, who dares to say no?" Zhong Daguo jumped desperately and lit the ball. Rondo grabbed the ball. He gave it to Zhong Daguo. Zhong Daguo was carrying the ball. He wanted to do it himself.
Zhong Daguo took advantage of everyone’s unstable position to accelerate into the restricted area of the basket. One person Zhong Daguo took the ball to his right hand and caught it, and then his right hand drew a 1-degree windmill dunk in the middle. "Really fucking Japanese?" ? ? ? ? ? ?” He jumped to the ground and beat his chest, but he showed his biceps.
Rivers smiled. If this is the effect, a player should show his domineering side and suppress his opponent with momentum.
Ma Shang Brooks finally woke up. He knew that he had made a serious mistake. In front of him, was the player a potential stock or an arrogant potential stock? He had to defend it carefully.
Zhong Daguo actively moved. He actually ran around Rajon Rondo’s body to the back of Rondo. Mashan Brooks was blocked by Rondo for a speed delay. When he failed to follow Zhong Daguo’s pace, the ball behind Rondo was unhurried, just as he usually trained and scored again.
The Celtics’ bench with five points in a row was silent for half a game. At this time, they finally broke out, "Good buddy is going to project like this?" ? ? ? ? ?” !
Delong didn’t dare to play Rondo. At this time, he broke through Rondo’s big country and ran to help defend Delong. Some people were worried about the mindless and arrogant guy. He gave the ball to Zhong Daguo and missed the teammate Brooks, Ma Shangbrooks, and took a look at it from outside the three-point line. He was obviously scared by Zhong Daguo’s arrogance and jumped at Zhong Daguo. Ma Shangbrooks just hesitated to make a move. This ball happened to be touched by the terrorist arm of Zhong Daguo.
Zhong Daguo dashed forward and took the ball to the line. Mashan Brooks became angry and was speeding up to catch up with Zhong Daguo. He wanted to set a rule for him, just as Brother Pierce had always taught him to play with his brain. He was already angry and now he needs to play rationally.
Zhong Daguo deliberately slowed down and waited for Ma Shangbrooks to catch up with Zhong Daguo, then accelerated sideways to keep the same level with Ma Shangbrooks. After reaching the basket, he took off and deliberately hit his body and hands at Ma Shangbrooks and then dunked.
The referee blew the whistle again, and Zhong Daguo succeeded in making the release rules. Zhong Daguo beat his chest and roared. Ma Shangbrooks walked away with his face down and his head down. He also won 2+1 free throws. Good job.
Gat was so excited that he pushed Zhong Daguo with his hands and then hugged him tightly. "Don’t be’ refined’, brother. I am so excited. This ball is too domineering, just like when I was young." Gat said with excitement and humor.
Even scored points and the Nets didn’t score 1 point. This is strength and domineering. The Nets were actually suspended in turn.
"Defensive defense? ? ? ? ? ?” The Nets coach issued a tiger roar, and the players, especially Mashan Brooks, were all passive and Nuo Nuo nodded.
Delong finally scored this time, and he was still a 45-degree three-pointer superstar, that is, he was tough at all times.
Zhong Daguo also scored a three-pointer. He still has a gap with the superstar. He is willing but unable. Gatt received a flaccid ball and quickly turned over and made a two-point jumper.
Relay relay? ? ? ? ? ? Humphries threw Fabmelo at the gap and ran over to Delong High House to build a precise ball. Humphries bared his teeth. It was too violent.
Zhong Daguo wants to score more safely. Just now, a flaccid ball outside the three-point line more or less gave him a psychological shadow. "Do I really lack strength or am I with Zhan Zhuyi too much sex these days?" ? ? ? ? ? ?” He thought to himself that he couldn’t vote any more.
Zhong Daguo dribbled to the left. Ma Shangbrooks didn’t panic. Zhong Daguo swayed to the right again. He wanted to break through to the right. He quickly moved to the right to defend Zhong Daguo. He succeeded in dribbling to the left. Humphries dumped Fabmelo and didn’t know that he was stuck. At this time, if Humphries could be stuck, Zhong Daguo could dunk in the defensive situation.
Humphries stepped forward, holding his hands high, and the big country didn’t give the ball to Fabmelo, who was closer to the basket. He dunked directly at Humphries, and the big country overestimated its strength. Humphries was so thick and tall, and the big country was a rookie. How could it be possible to dunk Humphries?
Although Zhong Daguo tried his best to reach the maximum speed, the ball did not even touch the basket and hit the skin friction. "Does it hurt?" ? ? ? ? ? Pain into the bone marrow? ? ? ? ?” Fortunately, Zhong Daguo is still young, and Humphries is also a gentleman. There is no other sinister move, otherwise Zhong Daguo’s ball may be crippled. Humphries will have to elbow or lift his knee and secretly exert himself.
It took the referee a second to whistle whether it was an offensive release or a defensive release or nothing. The referee was confused and thought for a long time and finally gave the defensive release.
"Defensive release rules, hehe! It turned out to be defensive release rules!" Zhong Daguo wondered for a while.
He made two free throws when ba was 19 meters tall. The free throw was quite steady, and the best was a cow.
At the end of the third quarter of 7275, the scores of the two sides were almost the same. Zhong Daguo scored 14 points in a single quarter and reached a new high. He scored 1 point in the third quarter, leading the Celtics, and the Nets were even beaten in a bit of chaos. It must be something wrong for the coach to play such a strong array.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 111 War Nets Five
Chapter 111 Nets Wuhua Lai Shi Defense
"A young man named China beat you to such a mess. Is this? ? ? ? ? ?” The Nets coach came to prepare for a big education for the players, but on second thought, the team is a big name, so we should accumulate some good manners. The big-name players can’t scold them, but if they are unhappy and upset, they can force themselves into the palace.
"Wallace, why don’t you and Marchand Brooks change the guard? You go and defend the yellow-skinned man. I think he’s just so much better. You’re much stronger than him. It’s hard for him to stand up to him." The Nets coach softened his tone.
"Well, good!" Wallace is still very supportive of coaching arrangements.
Zhong Daguo was about to show off in the fourth quarter, and he didn’t even look at who was defending him. He was incredibly slow and slow. Wallace bounced too high. Zhong Daguo ate a hot pot and Wallace rushed forward to grab the rebound. It was another big windmill dunk.