Lei Dongduo didn’t speak, but carefully wiped Guti’s forehead, and then cut his hair, which was messy because of running, before turning around and preparing to leave and return to his position.


"Wait a minute" Guti stopped him, and then when Lei Dongduo turned around, Guti leaned over and wiped Lei Dongduo’s sweat with his hand. "Okay" He smiled at Lei Dongduo and ran away.
"You two are really enough!" On the field, whether the couple’s teammates or rivals Real Madrid players have accepted this show, the love show has come to the stadium. Can they apply to play football with sunglasses?
Fortunately, at the end of the half-time, the players quickly went to the players’ tunnel, which was full of pink breath. They really didn’t want to stay for a moment. If one day the football field changed from green lawn to pink, they would definitely retire without hesitation.
During the intermission, the explanations of various countries were still reviewing the wonderful half-time. Two Guti counterpoints forced a shameless couple to show their love, and the picture kept playing back.
At halftime, the audience covered their hearts, ate dog food and stared at those pink pictures with their eyes wide open. It was hard to get to half time.
At half-time, the Puskas-Lei Dongduo Friends team made a big change, and all the positions were changed except the goalkeeper position.
Now the back line has changed from four guards to three guards. Sati, Camacho and Thuram have appeared in the midfield, and albertini, Rui Costa, Devid and Beckham have combined. The striker line is a combination of Butragno, cantona and Inzaghi. On which position is the elite, the fans will be hooked after seeing it. At the same time, Bosque on the Real Madrid side has made adjustments and changed several positions.
Although the star team is a big star here, it’s a pity that they are not together every day. Their teammates practiced together twice in a short time, and their tacit understanding was a lot worse. Finally, they lost 3-4.
After the game, there were two episodes. When he took off his jersey and was going to find his sister to change it, Guti was about to take it off for him. As a result, he was suppressed by Lei Dongduo. Lei Dongduo directly picked up Guti and left, throwing it and holding his jersey out.
Another episode is also related to Guti, that is, the Spanish women’s football coach Greg said in an interview that he was considering whether to recruit Miss Guti to join the Spanish women’s football family.
There are some waves in the formation of the star team in the charity match, especially the half-time defenders. Fortunately, I chose French Blanco. If Brazilian Blanco, it would be four left-backs.
The name of the Star Team is Puskas & Lei Dongduo Friends Team. I thought about it, and then the head coach would be Stefano, and then someone from Hungary would be better. I thought about it, and then I would be the goalkeeper of the real charity match in 2005. Otherwise, I would probably choose Edwin van der Sar or Kahn. In addition, I almost made a bug. Figo moved to Real Madrid in July 2000, and I almost put him on the side of the friends team.
Also, at that time, Master Jiu’s position in the Jianghu was still not qualified. Here, he came in through the back door.
By the way, when looking up Hungarian stars, I found a handsome guy. You can search for one. bozsik is one of the top 100 wonders of the World Cup. He is very handsome in black and white photos at the same time as Puskas. He has a feeling of being a Hollywood star in the 1940s.
I’ll give you a list of one-star teams
Half-court 433
Goalkeeper Fulop
Defenders Bremer, Maldini, Blanco and cabrini.
Midfielders Lei Dongduo, Guti and Zida.
Strikers Diego Maradona, caniggia and Baggio.
Half-court 343
Goalkeeper Fulop
Defenders Sati, Camacho, Thuram
Midfielders albertini, Rui Costa, Devid and Beckham.
Strikers Inzaghi, Butragueno and cantona.
After all, it’s a real Madrid celebrity charity tournament. Real Madrid has a little more elements. I took Camacho with me.
It’s about to show your retirement career. Be prepared to bring your own dog food!
☆ Chapter 76
The Puskas Cure Charity Tournament was widely praised by the media and the public. The stars and Real Madrid Club were praised for their great love.
In particular, Real Madrid club Inpuskas is an old veteran of Real Madrid. Through this activity, people are saying that Real Madrid is very human, caring and nostalgic. The club’s image has been greatly improved, which makes Florentino, who just became the club’s president, almost squint. Therefore, he also made countermeasures to plan this charity tournament. Guti and Lei Dongduo are particularly fond of it. Florentino now appreciates Lei Dongduo and is looking forward to Lei Dongduo’s early return. At least, Real Madrid should play a few more games and then hang up his boots at Real Madrid, so that its popularity will rise again.
Of course, Guti and Lei Dongduo should benefit the most from this charity competition. Their foundation has become famous, and even the relevant departments of the United Nations have come to find them. Moreover, by transporting so many stars to participate in the competition, people can see the status of Lei Dongduo now.
And Guti has also earned people’s attention. First, his image of being depressed but still enthusiastic about charity has become more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Then, he dazzled everyone on the court and even the commentators who have explained for decades have lost their sight. When the Spanish women’s football coach was interviewed by reporters, he was half joking and half serious about recruiting Guti to join the Spanish women’s football team.
This media has found the news point again. Miss Guti, however, has won the Oscar and the Golden Globe Award. Now it is possible to cross the border into the football world. The major sports newspapers analyze how Guti will bring changes to the Spanish women’s football once he agrees to the Spanish women’s football call. In some programs, the host has even imagined that one day Guti will lead the Spanish women’s football team to take the Women’s World Cup and form a champion couple file with Lei Dongduo.
Goody kept a low profile in all kinds of embellished reports in the media.
On the second day after the charity match, he went to Puskas’ home with Lei Dongduo and gave the money raised by the charity match to Mrs. Puskas.
Seeing that the old-timers who used to be all-powerful are now curled up in wheelchairs and their minds are not clear, Guti has some regrets.
"After the scenery of this generation, people will return to peace and finally die. I just don’t know if I went to heaven or hell after death?"
"I am with you whether it is heaven or hell." Lei Dongduo answered Guti while watching Mrs. Puskas take good care of her husband, or he said an oath in his heart.
Guti smiled, "Don’t abandon me like a generation, and don’t dump my hand." And he took Lei Dongduo’s arm by the hand.
Guti handed over donations to the Puskas’ family and made it clear that the post-foundation would follow up the Puskas’ follow-up treatment.
He now has an idea that the old Real Madrid generals don’t know how many people will live a lifetime like Stefano, while others will live a life of poverty like Puskas. Now he has the ability to meet with the Real Madrid Fund and make a project to note the retirement life of retired Real Madrid players. A Madridist Guti thinks that he should not only focus on the team’s achievements, but also see those. The team has made great efforts but is quietly heard.
However, although these ideas are good, they need to be implemented step by step. At present, what Guti needs most is the current situation and Lei Dongduo is with him. He is willing to complete this plan. Of course, although this plan is Guti’s brainwave idea, in the future, he will attract many votes when he runs for the presidency of Real Madrid. A ruthless, caring and determined Madrid Marquis will be happy to see that many Real Madrid members will be president of Real Madrid.
After hanging up the charity match with Lei Dongduo Foundation official website to raise money, Guti and Lei Dongduo flew to the United States in a low-key way to live after Lei Dongduo retired for the first time
I chose to fly to the United States after Lei Dongduo was finally free. This is the reason why Guti strongly urged him. He asked Lei Dongduo to have a detailed physical examination. Because according to I, Lei Dongduo’s leg was seriously injured, Guti’s words will appear. Anyway, Lei Dongduo will return to the stadium sooner or later. Why not take advantage of this period of retirement to have a good physical examination before it happens?
When former Guti worked hard in the United States, he established friendship with Suns team doctors through NBA stars such as Buckley. He even invested some money in those doctors who he valued to set up a small laboratory. Now he has set up a large-scale medical security center like Milan Laboratory. Guti has not been able to do that, but he can afford a small-scale medical research institution.
Lei Dongduo went to the United States and arranged for a physical examination in Guti. Sure enough, he found that his leg had already been injured. Fortunately, when he found it, Lei Dongduo would be able to recover as soon as possible if he cooperated with the doctor’s treatment plan, and his roots would not take as long as twenty months as I did.
"It’s hanging!" Guti some dying said to Lei Dongduo.
Lei Dongduo is much calmer than Guti. He will naturally attach great importance to his health every year. Early detection and early treatment are actually much better than in those years. In this way, this leg injury can be cured in a few months without any delay.
In fact, Lei Dongduo was more happy about Guti’s condition, because every time Dr. Guti visited Guti, he even exclaimed that Guti’s recovery was faster than that of ordinary depression patients, and he could recover in almost one year according to Guti’s recovery rate.
Lei Dongduo also has some speculations about Guti’s situation. He thinks that Guti has always had a shackle in his heart. Maybe now this shackle has been gradually beaten, and Guti has gained spiritual freedom like a bird freed from imprisonment. It is not clear what this shackle will hit Lei Dongduo.
Lei Dongduo was naturally happy that Guti was getting better. He decided to take Guti on vacation as planned to relax, so the two of them went to a private island in the Caribbean for a holiday. This time, Lei Dongduo rented an island for a week. During this week, there would be no one else in the whole island except someone who delivered fruit and food regularly every day.
Sure enough, in this almost two-person world environment, Guti is laughing more and more, and of course people are becoming more and more naughty. At least Lei Dongduo needs to be more determined every day to warn himself that he must never do something he shouldn’t do before Guti recovers, and he refuses Guti’s sex with a straight face every day, which also inspires Guti’s fighting spirit to tease Lei Dongduo more and more every day.
"Mom, I’m fine. You and Dad should also come here to see this island. The scenery is particularly beautiful. Every day, I sit on the beach and watch the sea for a long time. The sea is particularly vast and blue. After reading it, I feel that the whole person is broad-minded. I don’t think I have depression at all now." Guti is lying on the couch talking to his mother Maria.
Because they came to the island for a holiday directly from the United States, and since Guti got depressed, the twins were handed over to Maria to bring them. The twins didn’t come with her on this holiday, so Guti was able to get to know the children’s situation every day by talking. He complained that those scientists were too slow to move, so the video chat class was not perfect, otherwise he would see the children grow up every day, and Twitter was also his investment. Why haven’t he developed it yet? He still wants to bask in wow and bask in his husband through Twitter? This world is estimated to be Lei Dongduo, and he can understand the expectations of social software as an internet addict.
Then Maria can also hear that her baby daughter is in a good mood, which makes her mother feel at ease, at least not worrying about her children and worrying about her little daughter at the same time.
"When do I have time to travel? Your father is also busy. I have to take care of him. I don’t worry about it. You were sick a while ago. Castro transferred some of your advertisements to him. He also came back to complain that he was asked to shoot lipstick advertisements and shampoo advertisements later. As a result, he shaved his hair the next day. I estimate that Castro will be angry when he sees his bald head."
Hearing Maria’s words, Guti couldn’t help laughing. Even if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he could imagine the scene of a chicken flying and a dog jumping over there.
Because of depression, I temporarily stopped all work. Guti has to negotiate with the manufacturers for some endorsement activities and advertisements.
When it comes to contract issues, Castro came up with a unique solution, which is similar to Guti’s appearance, handsome and handsome, and has already gained a certain popularity, which makes advertisers very satisfied, except for a few positive methods to replace advertisements belonging to Guti’s advertising endorsements.
As soon as I heard that it was my elder sister who took the class, he was still very willing, but after shooting a few advertisements, he was left depressed. He could speak for food, airlines and cars, but he was also asked to take the class for lipstick and perfume advertisements, and he had to shoot shampoo advertisements like an actress later. So the bear boy lost his temper and ran to shave his head.
However, Castro almost had a heart attack when he saw the bald plug, but the magic height was one foot and the height was one foot. When the plug shaved his head, he didn’t shoot the shampoo advertisement. As a result, he was arrested and filmed the advertisement. He even smiled and said the advertising slogan "The handsome guy who dares to show his bald head is the real handsome guy!"