Thought of here, he can’t help but feel a little excited. It seems that there will be several advertisers looking for doors to kneel down and beg them to accept sponsorship and accept advertisements. Jiang Yuhan couldn’t help but gently push him when he saw that he was fascinated. "What are you thinking? I’ll go first. Mark my words, don’t be proud. Take every game seriously so that you can go further! "


Ye leaned back and nodded. "Okay, I remember!"
Jiang Yuhan and K drifted away and looked at their backs. He couldn’t restrain the excitement. When he saw his teammates all around, he excitedly said to everyone, "We have achieved our goal of participating in the competition this time. We will definitely become famous after defeating the Tiger Brothers. After we enter the semi-finals, I believe more people will pay attention to our evening. I will invite you to dinner to celebrate one!"
"It is obvious that you treat the big boss to pay …" The players said.
Ye Qing laughed. "Life has been so difficult. Don’t expose some things!"
When I walked out of the competition venue, everyone in Club I was surrounded by fans, which was not only treated by Ye Qing. This team in Club I became so famous that everyone in the team became a shining star.
It is a very good thing to be able to take a photo with one of them or get an autograph. The fans are quite enthusiastic, and the people in the club are also very kind and very cooperative with the fans’ requirements.
After all the fans were sent away, a group of talents returned to the hotel. Although Ye Qing invited you to dinner in the evening, he didn’t think about going outside. Because he was not familiar with this place, he decided to invite everyone to eat in the hotel restaurant.
In the restaurant on the first floor, besides Chinese cooking, there is also a seafood buffet. It is quite cost-effective for Ye Qing to invite them to eat seafood buffet. Anyway, it is enough to eat whatever you want. Ye Qing browsed a seafood that is quite fresh. There are metapenaeus ensis, sea crabs, sea prawns (not produced in Qingdao), grilled oysters and salmon, as well as various Chinese foods with Hong Kong characteristics, such as roast goose in deep well, barbecued pork and western steak, bacon and pizza. A group of people really have everything to see.
Big honey is also very much in favor of Ye Qingyi. Today, the team won the game, especially the defeat or the Tiger Brotherhood. This super strong team, Big honey, is also quite happy. With a smile on her face, the team and the substitute, a total of nine people, plus more honey, will make ten people sit at a big table.
As soon as Ye Qing sat down, she couldn’t help getting up to get food. The rest of the male compatriots naturally followed. The female compatriots just needed to enjoy the success. Before Da Mi took the initiative to talk to Pearl Krabs, what happened to them seemed to have been forgotten. On the surface, the two of them seemed to have no bad feelings at all. They were talking and laughing.
He couldn’t help sighing to himself-these two people either really don’t care about it or their acting skills are too good. Personally, she thinks it should be the latter. When she was thinking, Da Mi suddenly said to her, "Let’s go shopping together because there is no game in the afternoon."
LanWenWen couldn’t help zheng, she didn’t expect big honey will take the initiative to talk to her, want to know before they two people are quite bad, it’s almost the same as fire and water, although later eased some, but they never spoke again.
Seeing that he didn’t react for a moment, Honey smiled and said, "Let bygones be bygones. I don’t want Yuzryha to be caught in the middle. I believe you are the same. Even if we can’t be friends, don’t be enemies. After all, you are still in my team, right?"
He nodded and said, "You’re right. In fact, I have never been hostile to you. I was carried away before. I have already released it and watched it now."
"That’s good. Do you want to go shopping together that day?" Big honey asked
"Why not?" Nalan avenue
"That’s great, Pearl Krabs. Why don’t you join us?" Big honey looked at Pearl Krabs Pearl Krabs excitedly and smiled. "Well, if I don’t go, how embarrassing it will be for you two to get along alone."
"Fuck you!" Big honey criticised the three people as soon as they got closer. Ye Qing came back with two plates and saw three girls who were talking with him. He couldn’t help but stare big eyes and felt a little incredible. He didn’t know what happened. How did these three people get along so well? Ye Qing thinks it’s normal if Dami and Pearl Krabs can ease up, but how did Dami and Nalan become so friendly?
He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not mistaken, then shook his head and ran to get something. Although he said it was a little confusing, it was a good thing because the three girls got along very well, Ye Qing got up in a good mood, and his appetite naturally followed very well. So this buffet was late, and the boss cried himself dizzy in the toilet rhythm.
Ye Qing didn’t know how much he had eaten. He felt that he had tried everything in the buffet and drank a cocktail with a low degree. When he finally went out, he walked back to the hotel room with his arm against the wall. After that, Dami looked at Ye Qing very strangely and lay still in bed. She gave Ye Qing a push and complained, "Have you never eaten in your generation?" The buffet is free to eat, but you can’t support yourself to death, can you? "
"You don’t understand how hard it is for poor children to live since you were a child …" Ye Qing had the strength to tunnel.
"By speaking like you are out of a remote mountainous area, is your condition that bad? It’s not like I haven’t been to your house! " Big honey is very authentic
"Then let me put it another way. You won’t understand the food world!" Ye Qing took a sip and seemed to have some aftertaste. Anyway, he had eaten enough. Zhao Xiayang and others were infected by him and ate a lot. Just three girls should be gentle, and a total of ten bosses could earn three people’s money.
"I really can’t help you. Every time you eat a buffet, you must eat until your stomach is full." Big honey didn’t good the spirit tunnel
Chapter 1216 Another big purchase
Ye Qing has been lying in bed for a long time and doesn’t want to move big honey. She is also very resistant to go to wash herself first. When she finishes washing, Ye Qing still maintains the posture before. She then said to Ye Qing, "Can you get up and wash yourself now? Are you going to sleep like this? "
"Yes, that’s what I think. I don’t want to move at all now. I spent too much energy in today’s game. Now I’m full of food and drink. I just want to lie down and rest and move my fingers." Ye Qing is lazy and tunnel.
"Well, then you can sleep like this. I’ll sleep for a while, too." Big honey said, picking up the remote control and watching it, and then leaning against the bed to change the channel.
Ye fell asleep unconsciously while listening to the video. He also had a dream that he joined the wg and then led the team to beat the ig, ag, Qingcheng and nb teams as soon as they passed by, and then won the wg championship at the top of the world.
When he was about to receive the golden trophy on the podium, suddenly a voice said to him, "Get up soon! The sun is shining on your ass!" "
He tried to reach out his hand to grab the trophy representing high honor, but the sound persisted again. "Did you just sleep so hard after drinking a cocktail?" Get up, lazy pig! "
As soon as the trophy went up in smoke, he opened his eyes and a ray of warm sunshine shone on his face outside the window, which made him squint, and then he saw a face beautiful like a sunflower in the light.
"Honey, why do you get up so early?" Leaf tilting at a face of smile big honey way big honey smell speech is very tunnel "it’s too early? Come on, you have a game this afternoon. Get up and have breakfast and sleep well at noon. "
"Hurry up? It was a little late. "Ye Qing hurriedly rolled over and sat up, and then quickly got out of bed to wash.
After defeating the Tiger Brotherhood, the rest of the game will be much easier. The same team and the opponent need to stabilize the first place. It is certain that they will enter the semi-finals
Ye Qing and the team members had breakfast and went to the competition venue by bus. The game went well. Club I easily won the game. It was probably too shocking to defeat the Tiger Brotherhood yesterday. Their opponents were timid as soon as they played. Especially when Ye Qing appeared, the other gunners consciously dodged behind the bunker and dared not meet Ye Qing.
After the game, bare and Jiang Yuhan didn’t come to say hello to him. Anyway, everyone has made an appointment to meet them in the semi-final. Of course, they have things to do and they won’t come to say hello to him every time.
Ye Qing and the team still have to deal with those fans. Yesterday’s fanaticism seems to be gone. These people are still very enthusiastic about them. After dealing with these fans, Ye Qing and others went back to the hotel. Do not get into trouble? Ye Qing or strictly ordered the team not to go out and stay in the hotel room.
Teams have caused a lot of trouble when they compete in other places. Dong Laoer caused a lot of trouble at that time. Pearl Krabs caused a lot of trouble when he went out, but it was difficult to solve the trouble caused by strangers in other places. Although Jiang Yuhan is now in Xi’ an, he should be flat, but Ye Qing really didn’t want to bother Jiang Yuhan again.
He thinks that it is impossible to get into trouble if the team members stay in the hotel room without going out, and everything will be the same as the game. Wait until the game is over and let everyone go out for a walk. Even if they get into any trouble, they can go back to Chengdu immediately.
Although he reached this order, Pearl Krabs and Nalan were taken away by Da Mi, and Ye Qing had no way to be strict with the male players, but he was not strict with the two female players, and Da Mi supported them.
He has to keep telling Dami to pay attention to Ann and converge on his own personality. Don’t argue with each other to take a step back when he encounters something. Tianmi thinks Ye Qing is too wordy, and it’s not like Ye Qing’s personality. When did he know how to take a step back? Every time he speaks with his fists, he tends to intensify contradictions. It’s rare to see him take a step back.
Big honey pushed the leaf into the room and closed the door. Then she suddenly felt that the world was quiet. She and Pearl Krabs and Nalan went downstairs happily and went to the mall by car.
Ye Qing immediately jumped to the bed, kicked his shoes, and then went to bed. He was also very full at noon. He stroked his belly with satisfaction and soon fell asleep.
The rest of the team also slept, watched TV and took notes to read novels. Anyway, they each found something to send things, but they strictly followed Ye Qingda’s order and didn’t go out of the room.
Dami went shopping before and bought a lot of clothes, some of which have not been worn yet, but today, as soon as she entered the mall, her desire to buy became strong again, and she wanted to buy everything when she saw it.
Women’s wardrobes are always short of clothes, and their favorite clothes are always the same. Even if the clothes in the wardrobes can’t be loaded, they will still say that they have no clothes to wear, and they need to buy a bag to match them. Summer and winter are the kind of light ones, while winter is a little bigger and heavier.
Men’s trousers are two kinds of trousers and shorts, while women are different. There are shorts and trousers, as well as long skirts and short skirts. Women’s shoes are also in great demand. There are not enough pairs of heels, so are a few pairs of low heels. Then there are flat shoes and sandals. Sandals are also divided into high and low heels.
Pearl Krabs didn’t like shopping, but she couldn’t help buying some clothes with Dami. Ye Qing gave them an award, and her blonde hair was quite rich. Her bank card also cost a lot of money. This is the right time to take it out.
The three girls spent the whole afternoon shopping and bought a lot of things, not only clothes, food and cosmetics, but everyone’s hands were full of pockets. Nalan was reluctant to buy so many things, but he couldn’t hold on to the big honey and kept persuading her that some things were still given to her. Of course, Pearl Krabs also had some things that were also given by big honey. There was no way to have money, that is, sex.
The three men returned home full, stuffed the trunk of the taxi with drivers, and when they came from other places to sweep the goods, they sent the three men to the hotel building. Dami called Ye Qing and asked him to help with the things.
Ye Qing slept for an afternoon, and his spirit was much better. When he received the words, he immediately ran to the room. Then the three girls were filled with pockets, and he was scared silly. He stammered to Big Honey, "Didn’t you just buy clothes? Why buy so much again? "
"It’s better not to go shopping than not to go shopping in the world of women. You don’t know how to ask you to help with things, not to nag you." Big honey curled her lips.
Ye Qing nai sighed and then helped to get things. Three girls followed her, laughing and laughing. Ye Qing felt incredible. Last night, at dinner, the three sisters had a good talk, as if they were very good friends. Today, they even went shopping together and then seemed to be more harmonious. It’s really hard to understand the world of women. One minute, they became good friends with their enemies.
I moved all the honey things into the back of the room, leaned on the edge of the bed, stretched myself and twisted my neck. "You bought so much before you looked at it, and so much today. I don’t think you can help me get it back to Chengdu then. I still have to take my own luggage and take notes."
"Who needs your help? I won’t send it back?" Big honey fiddled with a hair is very natural and unrestrained tunnel
"Yes, you’re amazing! I don’t want to walk, why don’t you send me back? " Leaf inclined to big honey way with a smile
Big honey nodded when he heard this. "Well, I’ll pack you up and send you back. I’ll take care of it, whether you are dead or alive after you arrive!" "
"Forget it. I’d rather fly!"
"Would rather fly like flying makes you feel wronged or you run back? Aren’t you a long-distance runner? I believe you can do it! "
"That’s ok, but we’ll have to meet again in 2008." Ye tilted his head and said with a smile.

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