It’s quick to pick up over there. "What’s up?"


Qin Keqing found an empty corner and said, "Did you watch the game just now?"
Jiang Lan is cold. Yeah.
Qin Keqing gritted his teeth. "Is this what you taught me?"
Jiang Lan said indifferently, "You humiliated her first yesterday."
"I was letting her in your face, but even if she didn’t appreciate it, she would still hold a grudge and bite the hand that feeds her?"
"Are you letting her or deliberately humiliating you? I know I’m too lazy to dispute with you, but I can’t stop Jiang Se from being vengeful. Besides, in fact, she didn’t design anything for you. She came as a stubborn temper and didn’t deliberately target you."
Qin Keqing sneer at more than "is deliberately so-called she actually wasted when I care about name and face? I gave everything when I left michel platini, and then I suffered that kind of shame and pain because of warmth. What do I care? I was ruined by her … "
Smell speech Jiang Lan can’t help but frown "How many times do you want me to say it before you wake up? It doesn’t matter whether it’s warm or not. I woke you up. Don’t put the blame on others to ease your pain. It will get you deeper and deeper and never come back! "
Qin Keqing growled, "I can’t turn my head!"
"You …" Jiang Lan suddenly didn’t know what to say.
Qin Keqing hated again. "Now that I’m in hell, what do I have to worry about? Hehe, I’m going to pull them together. Whoever failed to live up to me and cheated me, humiliated and destroyed me, I won’t let go! "
Jiang Lan suddenly felt uneasy. "What do you want?"
"You don’t care about me!"
"Qin Keqing, you don’t want to challenge warmth after the game, do you? I advise you not to do anything stupid. No matter whether you win or lose, there will be no good chance. She is not something you can provoke! "
"I have nothing to lose, just a big life, but warmth is different. I want her reputation and dignity to be ruined this time to see how she can be a big miss Wen!"
"Qin, Ke, Qing!"
Qin Keqing seems tired and doesn’t want to talk about this topic again. "My mind has never been persuaded by anyone, but I still want to thank you, teacher elder sister. Can I call you like this again? In this world, you probably want to give me a hand. "
Jiang Lan was silent.
Qin Keqing laughed at himself and continued, "So I’m going to reciprocate by telling you something that may be very valuable to you. If you take it to your Lord, he may not treat you with special respect."
Jiang Lan was shocked. "What?"
Qin Keqing swept around and whispered, "Do you know what I went to the tribe to live in Taojia? Do you know what I am committed to Tao Zhengyu? Because I’m going to get something at the bottom of the cliff. "
Jiang Lan’s heart is beating fast. "What’s in that low cliff?"
Qin Keqing laughed in a low voice. "Sure enough, the world is also going at Qianzhang Cliff."
Jiang Lan didn’t explain that she was heading for Qianzhang Cliff, but the goal was not the low cliff but the Andromeda Peak in the distance.
"It doesn’t make sense for us to say these things now. I once lost something like that and almost died, but in the end, it didn’t end up in an abandoned field?" Qin Keqing sounded cold with deep hatred. "Since he is in love, don’t blame me. The bottom of the cliff is actually a dead zone. There is nothing but a stone."
"Well, it’s strange. In fact, I don’t know whether the stone looks like me or not. I had a hard time taking a little from the surface and bringing some back to him. It seems that I was really smart at the beginning."
"Where are the things?"
"I used to play with that tree when we were young. I buried it in a box."
"Are you sure to give it to me?"
"What reward do you want?"
"If anything happens to me in the future, just remember to help me collect the body and bury it in that tree."
Qin Keqing is talking here, and at the same time, the finalists of the men’s team are of course A Dai and Wei Min. If A Dai wins, he will be the champion of this year’s martial arts competition, and then Wei Min will play a game with Zheng Nan to separate the runner-up and the third runner-up. If Wei Min wins A Dai, it will not be better.
Two people were present, one relaxed, one expression killed, one lip corner with a smile, one eye full of vigilance and alert.
A curious man asked, "haven’t you asked your teacher yet?"
A cold answer "You don’t need to know"
A Dai shrugged. "So, just fight?"
Wei Min responded that he was waving a cold fist to fight a war.
This is different from the previous game, in which A Dai was always in an absolute advantage. It was very easy and simple. If he hadn’t been full of tricks and sold cute tricks, he wouldn’t have seen the game, because it ended too quickly and crushed it like a victory. After a while, it would be shocking to see more, so he wouldn’t feel anything.
It was not until A Dai and Zheng Nan performed that everyone felt amazing again, but no matter how amazing it was, there were too few ingredients in the performance competition, and there were a few ups and downs and blood boiling, but now those are all there.
Wei’s words are really fierce, and A Dai is on the same level, so fighting is a game, so the game is interesting, and they are all masters, which is even more interesting.
So the media cameras swarmed, and the audience’s mobile phones were aimed at them for fear of revealing a wonderful picture by mistake. The palms, cheers and cheers all disappeared, and everyone held their breath and stared at the scene.
Warm and nervous, I can’t help but hold Fu Yunyi and longing hands to comfort her. "It’s okay to be warm," "Warm, don’t worry."
Warm and reluctant to smile, the heart still can’t come. She didn’t expect Wei Min to be so powerful. It seems that he still hid his strength before.
Magic suddenly hummed "A Dai will win"
Hearing the warmth, I immediately looked back at him. "Really?"
Magic gave her a contemptuous look. "Nonsense, can’t you see? I took a double course with you last night for nothing. Where did you put the old yang?"
Warm came to see him, and Jinkou was quite excited. As a result, he stared at this sentence and turned away from him.
Wu and Fu Yun looked at each other and secretly sighed that Xia’s IQ was not online again.
Magic also felt that she ignored herself and said angrily, "What’s your temper? Say a word about you and wronged you? If you come, you will ruin the old yang. You will lose your wife and lose your soldiers! "
He was so angry that he was too busy designing novels to pay attention to him.
Fu Yunyi took a look at the longing and made eye contact with your third brother. If it were like this every day, it would be so much easier.